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Bunut Hulu Village Forest Project

Brief Overview

Project Name

Sustainable Village Forest Project: Support Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative through Sustainable Village Forest Management in Bunut Hulu Village Forest, Kapuas Hulu District

Project Period


Project Lifetime

01 January 2024 – 31 Dec 2048

Project Status



Certification Status


Project Description

The Bunut Hulu Village Forest (BHVF) covers an extensive area of 4,763 hectares in Bunut Hulu village, within the Bunut Hilir sub-district of the Kapuas Hulu District in West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. BHVF is legally designated as a Protection Forest (Hutan Lindung) and is crucial for supporting the livelihoods of 1,153 community members. The Village Forest Management Institution (Lembaga Pengelola Hutan Desa/LPHD) has been granted a 35-year forest management permit under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) Decision. The project area encompasses various land cover types, with approximately 60 hectares characterized as open land, 2,508 hectares as secondary swamp forest, 732 hectares as primary swamp, 458 hectares as swamp shrub, and 1,005 hectares as water bodies.

The forest and lake ecosystems are essential to the community’s well-being, supporting activities such as honey harvesting from the village forest area and fishing in the lake. However, these ecosystems face direct threats, including forest encroachment (noncommercial illegal logging) driven by local construction needs and illegal hunting due to market demands and cultural practices, such as using bird feathers for traditional ceremonies. The lake also faces threats like overfishing, unsustainable fishing gear, a lack of fishing regulations, sedimentation, erosion, and the risk of flooding due to forest clearance. Previously, the Forclime FC program had assisted LPHD BHVF in capacity building for forest management plans, including forest patrols. However, the program concluded in June 2022, and currently, BHVF lacks alternative funding sources to implement its management plan and conservation activities.

Threats to the forest and lake ecosystems in Bunut Hulu arise from both commercial and non-commercial timber utilization, forest fires, overfishing, and wildlife poaching. These threat originate from both Bunut Hulu communities and outsiders. Timber is utilized locally for construction needs, while outsiders engage in illegal commercial timber activities. Forest fires pose significant risks during dry seasons, and overfishing is due to unsustainable catches in the dry season and wildlife poaching led by the market demands and culture (e.g., bird feathers as jewellery for traditional ceremonies) and primarily hunted by outside villagers. Wildlife poaching is driven by market demands and cultural practices, primarily by outside villagers.

Project Impact

4.763 hectares

Village forest ecosystem, including forest, degraded area, and lake

341 households

Number of housholds expected benefiting from this project

... ton CO2

Climate benefits expected to result during the project period

General Project Information

Project Owner/Implementer

Bahenap Community/Lembaga Pengelola Hutan Desa (LPHD) Bahenap

Project Proponent

Bentang Kalimantan Tangguh

Technical Support

Forest Village Name

Bahenap Village Forest


LPHD Bahenap

Permit Number

The Minister of Environment and Forestry Decree No. SK.7010/MENLHK PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/12/2017


10.700 hectars

Forest Status and Function

Protected Forest Area

Strengthening Village Forest management towards improved forest and biodiversity protection and community prosperity in Bahenap Village, Kapuas Hulu

Output 1. Improved village forest governance and management

Output 2. Village Forest Protected from Threats

Output 3. Forest Rehabilitation

Output 4. Habitat of endangered plants and wild animals are conserved and enhanced ​

Output 5. Improved Community Livelihoods and Income Options through Increasing and Optimizing the Value of Sustainable Agricultural and Forest Products

Key Species


Project Benefit Metrics



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